About Hilljacks

Hilljacks is a Norwegian countryband close to Oslo who are into/write and plays trad countrymusic, mostly in english. We have been on the road from late 2014 and been so lucky to play alot of the bigger Norwegian and scandinavien countryfestivales since we formed the band. 

We have been played on radiostations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, England, Irland, Scotland, Germany, New Zeland and the US so far, and it's more to come ;-) You can follow us on facebook , www.hilljacks.no, Instagram and Twitter 

You will find all our songs on Spotify, Tidal, Itunes and Deezer.

The members:

Karina Kvernes: Lead vocal

Ronny Pettersen: Lead vocal and lead guitar

Jon Kristian Halden: Drums

Øivind Pedersen: Bass

Tomas Alme: Keys and vocals

Ståle Kvernes: Pedalsteel , guitar, harmonica, mandolin and vocals