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About Hilljacks

Hilljacks is a Norwegian country band from outside Oslo, founded in 2015 by long time musician friends. They have worked their way up and are now playing the majority of the bigest festivals in Norway and Denmark, and have plans to perform at festivals in Germany, Belgium, USA, Irland, Portugal and Sweden in the near future.

Hilljacks take pride in providing energetic, memorable, live experience that makes you wanna dance all night long.

Instrumentally Hilljacks consists of electric and acoustic guitar, bass, drums, harmonica, piano and pedal steel guitar, but it is their vocal harmonies and arrangements that takes their music to another level. 

Hilljacks writes and play traditional country music  as well as cover songs.

Releases include:


«Redneck Blood»  (Album)

«One More Star»  (Single)


«She’s Back In Town»  (Single)

«Somehow»  (Single)


«Country To The Bone»  (Album)



"How Was Your Day" (single)

"The Cider Song" (single)

"Last Night Together" (single) - "Siste Natt" (single)



Hilljacks music is currently being played on several Norwegian radio stations as well as throughout Europe and the US.

In August 2019 Hilljacks was nominated for the ISSA Awards (US), in the categories «band of the year» and «male songwriter of the year», and in October 2019 they were nominated as «Best traditional country song» with the song «Country to the bone» by WSA  (songwritingawards.wordpress). 

The members:

Karina Kvernes - Vocalist

Considered one of the best female vocalists in Norway, it is her

voice that is the signature sound of the Hilljacks.

Utilizing her many years of experience in the music business,

she brings an energy to the stage that is unparalleled.

She has a remarkable ability to connect with the audience

and loves to step down from the stage every now and then, to get them

to sing along with her. 

Oddgeir Hatlemark - leadguitar

Oddgeir joined the band in the spring of 2024. He is an accomplished

guitar player and fingerpicker from Sykkulven. He is

 "country to the bone", and he has played with several well known

Norwegian bands and artist over the years.


Ståle Kvernes - Steel guitar, keys, harmonica, vocals

Ståle is the bands founder, leader and songwriter.

Growing up he started playing the accordion and organ, and at

the age og 15 he picked up the guitar. It wasn't long before

he started playing gigs all over Norway.

On stage he plays pedal steel, keys and

harmonica, as well as sings harmony, so he's a busy guy

on stage.

Jon Kristian Halden - Drums, vocals

Jon Kristian joined the band in 2017. He's got a big heart for

country music, and loves being out on the road.

Apart from playing the drums, he's got years of experience

in sound engineering, and has a really good ear (two in fact).

He is also a really funny guy,

spreading joy and laughter wherever he goes.

Paul Gannon - Guitar, vocals

Paul has been in the music business nearly his entire life.

After 25 years of performing and running "Big Ears Studio" in

Nashville, he moved to Norway and hooked up with the Hilljacks.

At first, Paul started playing with the band as a replacement drummer

on a few gigs in 2018, but it was soon evident that he fit right in,

and was ask to join the band permanently. Paul plays acoustic guitar,

sings harmony and together with Ståle, writes songs for the band.

Tor Sverre Engen - Bass

Tor joined the band in the early spring 2024. He has played in

several bands throughout the years, but has now found his

home in the Hilljacks family. He is a steady bass player, with a

good ear for musical details.


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